The Administrative Staff of the fire district help to keep the business side of the District going. Our administrative team has over 60 years of fire service related experience.

Pictured from front to back: Captain Tony Riofrio, Fire Marshal Taw Tamlin, and Fire Chief Phil Tiffany.

Tony Riofrio was originally with Fort Lupton Fire Protection District as a volunteer firefighter from 2009 until 2014. He also was a career Firefighter and Lieutenant with the Platteville/Gilcrest Fire Protection District. He was hired as the Training Captain in 2017. He is a true family man and lives in Greeley with his wife Kiri, and two kids London, and Brookie.

“The thing I enjoy about being a Training Officer is the ability to give back. Although I may not know everything, I do love to share what I know. I continue to stay a student of the fire service. This position has allowed me to meet people that I wouldn’t have normally met.”

Safety message: With the colder months coming ahead, space heaters are the type of equipment that are most commonly associated with home heating equipment fires. So be sure to have a 3-foot area around open fires and space heaters.

Taw Tamlin started in the fire service in 1992 when he joined the Pleasant View Fire Department. He moved to Fort Lupton in 1999 and joined the Fort Lupton Fire Department as a volunteer. He was the first Training Captain, and was promoted to Fire Marshal in 2017. He conducted over 14 fire academies during his tenure as a training officer.

“It has been an honor to serve this community and get to know so many great community members. My wife DeAnna and I are grateful to be a part of this great community and look forward too many more years of service in the community.”

Fire Marshal Tamlin would like to thank all business owners in the community for allowing myself and our crews into your businesses and providing fire and life safety information and guidance. Complying with the Fire Code keeps your patrons, employees, and our firefighters safe.

Safety Message: Remain vigilant when it comes to safety, maintain your smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, have an evacuation plan, and practice it with your family regularly. I also encourage everyone to consider installing sprinkler systems in your homes and businesses. Fire Sprinklers can dramatically reduce the heat, flames, and smoke produced in a fire. Properly installed and maintained fire sprinklers help save lives.

Phil Tiffany grew up just north of Fort Lupton and graduated from Fort Lupton High School. He attended both Aims Community College and the University of Northern Colorado. In 1987, after college, he returned home and joined the Fort Lupton Fire Protection District as Volunteer. Chief Tiffany continued to volunteer in the community. He progressed through the ranks of Captain, Assistant Chief, and was appointed as the Fire Chief in 1998.

In 2004, he was very proud to be selected as the District’s first career Fire Chief. He is a graduate of the National Fire Academy Executive Fire Officer Program and designated as a Chief Fire Officer. He completed his Master’s Degree in 2015 in the field of Emergency Services Management from Columbia Southern University. He continues to live in Fort Lupton with his wife Jeanie and three children Sarah, Shawn, and Katy.

“I understand the significant role our agency plays in the community and I have a passion for serving our citizens as I have done so for over 30 years. It is also very important to me to be a servant leader and provide a positive and safe working environment for my staff while ensuring they are committed and prepared to serve the community in their time of need. I am very proud to and blessed to continue to serve our community and consider it an honor to have served this community with all of the past and present firefighters.”

Safety Message: Chief Tiffany encourages all drivers to be an attentive driver and not to text or to be distracted while operating a motor vehicle.